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As a team we design and develop cutting edge web applications that make geographic information accessible, informative, and engaging.

Our work is publicly deployed across national and multinational organizations to link together GIS professionals with citizens and domain experts. Because of this, we are deeply concerned with the usability as much as the capability of our projects in open data sharing, cartographic visualization, and community collaboration.

In addition the R&D team is actively involved in new technologies for big, realtime data analytics, opening our geospatial platform to developers via API's and example applications, and working with the Esri StoryMaps team to make it easy for people to share their narratives with others through maps.



Photo of Andrew

Andrew Turner

Director & CTO neogeography, open-*, crisis mapping, microbrew, low brass
Photo of Jeremy

Jeremy Schneider

QA Engineer quality assurance, testing, process
Photo of Dave

Dave Bouwman

Software Engineer javascript, backbonejs, unit-testing
Photo of Mike

Mike Juniper

Software Engineer javascript, emberjs, backbonejs, marionettejs
Photo of Jason

Jason Wieringa

Software Engineer ruby, clojure, product development
Photo of Allen

Allen Carroll

Story Maps Team Leader design, geography, birds, nature
Photo of Alex Harris

Alex Harris

Software Developer ruby, cooking, reading
Photo of David

David Asbury

Cartographer/data wrangler arcgis desktop/server, cycling, backcountry backpacking
Photo of Klara

Klara Schmitt

User Experience Designer design, front-end, accessibility
Photo of Courtney

Courtney Claessens

Product Engineer product development, civic engagement, open everything
Photo of Brooks

Brooks Robertson

Engineering Team Lead
Photo of Daniel Fenton

Daniel Fenton

Software Engineer product development, spatial analysis, real estate
Photo of Markham Shofner

Markham Shofner

JavaScript Engineer software development, reading, ultimate frisbee
Photo of Ben Stoltz

Ben Stoltz

JavaScript Engineer javascript, data visualization, marine science
Photo of Tom Wayson

Tom Wayson

Software Engineer Front-end JavaScript, Node.js, automated testing
Photo of Marvin Perry

Marvin Perry

Solutions Engineer Python, Javascript, GIS
Photo of Graham Hudgins

Graham Hudgins

Product Engineer product development, xp, d3, js, nlp
Photo of Idikoro Eradiri

Idikoro Eradiri

Automation Engineer Automate all the things
Photo of Melissa Schaff

Melissa Schaff

User Experience Designer design, empathy, travelhacking



We are engaged in a range of projects from improved search engine capabilties, to innovations in map rendering, to creating geospatial data portals. We embrace an open, transparent approach to our work - come find us on Github and join the conversation. Below are a few of our projects.

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We Are Hiring

We are growing the team and hiring four new positions currently. Work with us here at the DC Dev Center in Arlington, VA. If you do awesome work, and are awesome to work with, we want to hear from you!
Position #2 Web Services Engineer
Position #3 Javascript Engineer
Position #4 Product Engineer
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